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Suzanne Mansolilli

Don' t know if this got overlooked or if my photos aren't good enough -- please just let me know if I need to have them re-taken.  Thanx!

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Just wanting a little help with my trim, if someone could check the latest photos  I just posted.  I'm living out of the country right now, so am relying on my farrier to follow the original markups and trim guidelines that Linda did last fall.  New markups and comments would be wonderful. 

Also a question about shedding.  I hear from the barn owner that Monty is the only one of 26 horses that  is not shedding out.  His bloodwork results are posted in his CH (link below).  He was last tested for ACTH (32.5) by Cornell  in December 2014 after having been on 2mg Prascend since Oct 2014.  He is still on the same dosage, but is not shedding.  Is this normal or is it time for more blood work?


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