Re: Prevacox and pergolide


I just had a taste test sample from a friend, but it turned out to be about a week's worth for my mini, and with just one dose daily I saw a bit of  improvement in my mare, and I may consider ordering it to try for a full order worth once the product I already had is gone.   The 500 gram package will probably last my mini a year, ok so maybe only 6 months, but when I asked it sounded like it has a pretty good shelf life, so I'm probably going to give it a try and see if it does more for my mare than typical commercial supplements.

Contact My Best Horse and inquire about initial dosing when you can only get to the barn once daily, she might have good ideas on how to get it done.  She was good at answering my questions, although once it took her a little bit to respond.


MT 9/04

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