Re: My mare

Molly Kinney

Thank you, I believed I joined the other group that I was in invited to
I will need to search my paperwork for when I had my hay tested 
The chiro vet and the vet who took her blood said what ever I'm doing keep doing, she is in great shape with beautiful feet( natural balance trim) and healthy coat
The vet who called with results was floored that her number was 42, she said she never would have tested her on appearance... She only did it because I wanted a baseline for when she gets older 
Her test was drawn Friday February 27 ( in Maine.. Does that matter :) she was outside.. She does love her food so she may have been stressed but seemed fine to me.. She could be coming in heat? 
I will send a text to vet and see how she handled the blood sample 
Thank you for responding 

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