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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

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I don't think Farrier's Formula contains iron. 
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It doesn't contain added iron but there will be iron present from the alfalfa, possibly from processing into a pellet as well.  I'm sure there is iron in California Trace also because of its ingredients (hulls and rice bran can be very high).

If it's going to be palatable, the supplement has to have a real food base so will always have iron, just not added iron.

What really matters too is the actual amount.  Something could be 500 ppm iron but 2 oz of it would only supply 28.4 mg of iron.  A pound of even very well rinsed beet pulp will have 90 to 100 mg and we all know how variable hay is.

If the horse is known to be IR or iron overloaded it is always good to know the iron in everything you feed and factor it in but in reality with something like a supplement by the time you balance tightly to the high iron in most hays the amount supplied by the supplement won't make much difference.

Eleanor in PA
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Feb 2001

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