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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Suzanne,

The trim had made a bit of progress with backing the toes but seems to have stalled. Heels are still run forward, toes need to come back even more and there are flares in the walls that would benefit from being beveled to help redirect the shearing forces on impact. The farrier is likely thinking that s/he has backed to the white line and can't go back any further - which isn't really true. The toe is probably at what USED to be the white line but the true WL is buried under run-forward, dead sole material so is distorting the landmarks. The lateral views are taken from a high angle and are hiding the rear of the foot in shadow so makes commenting on it difficult. The mark-ups Linda did are still quite valid. If you would like new ones, would need a few better lateral views posted. Check here for tips on getting the best pix:

The ACTH value for Dec would have me quite happy if this was one of my boys. Coat shedding may or may not return to its pre-PPID levels even when the pergolide dose is correct. It's one symptom of PPID when it becomes an issue initially but isn't a very good barometer of control after that. You could retest in late April/early May to see if the ACTH is solidly in the mid-range during the normal low ACTH time of year. You can also try adding chastetree berry to see if it will induce and maintain a more appropriate coat.

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