Re: Update for Maggie

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Tiffany,

Yahoo uploads pictures in its own, odd way. If you click on "Actions" in the upper right of the screen, then click on "Date" twice, it will arrange them from newest to oldest by date. Won't necessarily keep them that way but allows you see them that way.

Looks like the toes got backed up fairly well. Heels were dropped too, so good start. Need to keep doing that. The lateral views need to be done with the feet on a firm, clean surface and the camera on the ground, lens lined up with the center of the leg on the true side. Overall, moved in the right direction. That likely has mobilized some "stuff" within the feet because the mechanics are improved. There is sinking on the xrays so even with the trim more correct she won't necessarily be strutting right out. It will take time. Is she in boots+pads to help her comfort? That she is coming due for a trim is certainly something that could also be playing a part. Will want to concentrate on getting the heels lower and realigning the breakover once they are trimmed.

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Jan 05, RI
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