Jesse updated thyroid results

lj friedman

I had Cornell expand Jesse's thryoid test to show the most comprehensive that they have available. I didnt want to re-stick the horse to send to U of Mich.  


t4 baseline.. from first test    .090 ug/dL   1.0-3.0 reference

expanded testing results:

                               total T4   .090 ug/dL  1.0-3.0 reference

                               total T3    68.8 ng/dL  30-80 reference

                               free  T4    0.74 ng/dL   1.2-1.8 reference

Do we still think this is sick euthyroid?  This vet still wants to supplement the thyroid. ( I havent given him any direction just yet.  The Cornell labs show a possible interpretation that  list this as a possible secondary hypothyroidism.  any thoughts?  thanks

lj friedman ECHistory8


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