Re: Teshan booked for trim


Thank you very much Nancy,

 Ive put up some photos, the best I can do on my own. When I have someone to help we can get her on a better surface. Still, you get the idea, her feet have never looked this bad. She also has a touch of thrush. 

 She is quite desperate to not put any weight on her off hind. Im finding this very suspicious, as that is the stallion's sore bit too.( He injured the stifle at 3 months old, genetic disease and fractures were ruled out.)
 She does not seem sore up front but really doesnt want weight on her back feet. 

How I am missing my old farrier, who taught me so much. Im worried because occasionally, after my new guy trims up here, the stallion starts paddling. Ive been with this boy every day of his life, and I know he tracks dead straight, back feet into front hoof prints. So Im just thinking of small mistakes and big consequences. Im going to try and get in touch with my old farrier I think. He doesnt work any more but he would probably love to chime in. 

She is booked for her blood test Monday 16/3 so we should have all the numbers about 2 weeks after that. I will post more photos after her trim.

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