Hi Trish,

I don't know if this helps or not but you have to download the CH form into your computer to fill it out.  Then save it and go back to ECH8 and upload it into your CH folder.

Are you rinsing your beet pulp till clear, then soaking it and then rinsing again?  This helps to remove the dirt (iron) and the sugar remaining after processing.  Can you work your way up on the salt to about 1-2 heaping Tablespoons/day?  Additionally, they should have 24/7 access to a plain white salt block.

Great that Millie's blood work indicated that she did not have Cushing's.  It would be great to see the actual numbers if you can get your CH done.  You can also upload a hard copy of your lab work in your CH folder.

Also lots of discussion in archived messages.  Just type in "iron overload" into the search box in the conversations and you'll get TONS of hits!!  You can narrow it down in the "advanced search" box by typing in an author, say "Kellon" and then "iron overload" in the "message" area.

Also you can download the proceedings from the 2013 No Laminitis Conference Dr Kellon's Iron Overload and Insulin Resistance on our website here:   Just scroll down to the PDF forms and you can download them for free.

Maggie, Chancey and Spiral in VA 

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