Re: Farriers formula and iron overload

Kerry Isherwood

I know I definitely will keep using it, at least on my one IR that is relatively well controlled! It has made an incredible transformation in horse being able to maintain hoof capsule shape--he used to splay & flare like an old foundered broodmare by week 3 post shoeing. Now he maintains beautiful shape all the way to 5 weeks.

Out of desperation i started feeding FF last March but purposely didnt tell my farrier (to amuse myself with my informal "blind" study). I almost fell over when, after 3 months of maint dose FF, said farrier--who is notoriously gruff--exclaimed, "wow, his feet look great! You must be finally riding him right!" I let that charade continue for another 6 months until my farrier's ego got to be too much by thinking his divine hands had transformed the impossible into gorgeous textbook feet and i finally told him i was using FF. It has remained a stalemate between us that we just dont talk about ;)

Disclaimer: I started FF way before my gelding was diagnosed IR. My farrier has repeatedly told me that the gelding's feet have evidence of past laminitic damage but I brushed it off as meaning way WAY back in his history before i rescued him from the kill auction. I mean, come on, I would certainly notice if my horse was foundering, right? Well, at our most recent shoeing (two weeks ago) my farrier showed me the tell-tale stretched laminar ring around both front toes -- ugh, my worst nightmare. This horse is never, ever lame! I only discovered he was an IR horse in Nov 2014 so obviously since then he has been under house arrest in a drylot with my IR/PPID mare. Luckily I have local hay that tested at roughly 6% (ESC+starch) and Tofurky loves the ODTB cubes and is in perfect body condition. I am in the process of balancing minerals as per my full hay analysis and if its shown that i need to discontinue FF bc of overload of iron or other, of course I will, though I truely believe there is something in the FF beyond the usual biotin/methionine that was missing in my horse's diet (before I discovered his IR status and corrected his diet) that drastically helped my gelding's hoof quality. Higher quality protein? A specific amino acid? Idk, but theres no doubt FF has helped this particular horse. (i tried streamlining diet by switching to Horsetech's Bioflax--ground flax plus comparable amts biotin/methionine but results after several months were quite disappointing)

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