Re: Farriers formula and iron overload

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

........ Of particular interest is that the mare is much like the sow in that iron does not pass the placental barrier readily. Many foals with iron deficiency  are from mares with normal to low normal blood levels of iron. This is the reason many newborn pigs and foals require supplemental iron.

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Neonates of ALL species are born with low iron stores. Iron has high toxicity to the fetus and newborn.  Foals can be, and have been, killed by oral iron.  Piglets are more resistant to oral iron toxicity because they have a relatively low density of iron receptors in their gut (a protective adaptation in this species with does a lot of rooting around in soil). However, it is also possible to poison piglets with oral iron.

Baby pigs develop anemia for the same reason stall confined foals do - lack of access to SOIL.  It has nothing to do with iron stores in the dam or sow.  In fact, supplementing sows even with injectable iron does not change the iron level in the piglets or in her milk.

Eleanor in PA
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Feb 2001


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