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Lorna Cane

Just a note , especially to new members.

The advice given here by Primary Response and Moderators is advice recommended by The 


Dr. Kellon, the PR and M. teams are always reading.

If something is said which is questionable it will be picked up by one of us.

That is the beauty of having all our conversations on the board.

But what I think is also important to know is that advice given by one of the above 

mentioned members is the advice which  those other team members would also give. So it isn't 

necessary to wait for all of the team members to speak up on a particular issue.

There are many members who are not on the above-mentioned teams who are also very well 

-versed in the recommendations of the Group,and are so appreciated for their input. Their 

messages are open to the  same scrutiny as the messages of our 'teams'.

Lorna in Ontario,Canada
ECIR Moderator 2002

*See What Works in Equine Nutrition*

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