Cushings/IR Lab info & other updates/questions


So, I called my vet, and he said he can do the Cushings/IR labs on my horse but he wanted paperwork and forms to look over before he does it. I was given this link before for info:

I was told to look at the Cushings-equine pdf. Is that the most up-to-date info on sending labs to Cornell? Are there any other forms or PDFs I need to show my vet? My horse's appointment is on Friday, so I need to send my vet info tomorrow morning preferably. 

Updates: Po has been on the emergency diet and is losing weight. He seems to be much less ouchy in his toes. Still has ouchiness in one heel. We have half of our pea gravel project done. This weekend we'll finish it so Po has pea gravel to help his feet. Next project is setting up a track system so he has a larger area to move and is not separated from my other horse anymore. 

Question: Does this group advocate the track system? It seems to me that if I implement it, it will greatly improve my horse's quality of life and health if used along with a proper IR nutritionally balanced diet, and proper trimming. Right now I think he's depressed cuz he's in a small confined area separate from his friend. He doesn't have room to run and he's bored cuz he doesn't get ridden due to his heel pain.


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