Re: Farriers formula and iron overload


Kerry said: "I truly believe there is something in the FF beyond the usual biotin/methionine that was missing in my horse's diet (before I discovered his IR status and corrected his diet) that drastically helped my gelding's hoof quality. Higher quality protein? A specific amino acid? Idk, but theres no doubt FF has helped this particular horse. (i tried streamlining diet by switching to Horsetech's Bioflax--ground flax plus comparable amts biotin/methionine but results after several months were quite disappointing)"

I agree with Dr. Kellon and others that copper and zinc are overlooked as critical nutrients that play a huge role in hoof quality. Further, the trace mineral ratios (also overlooked when not considering a complete diet analysis) play an important role as so beautifully demonstrated by Lars a few years ago. It's worth a look in the files on ECHOOF EquineCushings & IR Hoof Photos & X-Rays Open the PDF entitled "Mineral Ratios."

Unfortunately, we struggle constantly with this perception of supplements as near miraculous (which works great for marketing!). I mean, which sounds more appealing, "Golden Flight Strong Hoof" or "Copper." How many endorsements have you heard where the horse owner gushes, "I fed Roxy the target Fe:Cu ratio and look at him now!" Nah... ain't gonna happen (unless it happens here). 

Kathleen (KFG in KCMO)
Missouri - USA - Dec 2005



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