Acth time to re-test?

lj friedman

Jesse had. a good vet exam today. Feet were in such good shape for a 24 yr old former hunter jumper  with Cushings and severe IR ( via the calculator) that the vet said xrays and other tests werent indicated. He did a trim on him as he is also a faririer. Today, I placed a horsetech order. 

It was suggested here to retest for ATCH Apri/May and increase pergolide if #;s arent low to mid 20's. Jesse was a bit out of range at 40.7  on 1 mg prascend  (ref  9-35) My question? Can someone zoom in and give a  best date to test?  ie  April 30 , or May 31, etc..?    Then, retest August for the seasonal rise in So. Cal. 

lj friedman san diego nov 2014



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