Help with managing pain

Melanie Christensen


I made a folder,  Melanie and Clyde,  and uploaded the 2 hay sampling results.   I am hoping I can get advice on how to balance out vitamins and minerals for him.

He is still sore and laying down and I removed his boots to feel for heat,  bounding pulse,  but none for either. It takes him a while to come from the haynet to the barn when I come out and the vet recommends previcox. However,  this isn't recommended.   How can I make him more comfortable?

I am doing his CH but it is taking a lot of time.   I also have xrays to upload from my phone and trying to figure that out.

Thank you for any help,  and if I have not done something properly on my folder,  please let me know.

Melanie and Clyde from Minnesota


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