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Suzanne Mansolilli

Hi Lavinia,

I've uploaded 5 new photos my farrier took after he trimmed this past Wed.  I have to say, I'm discouraged.  He decided to use Linda's original recommendations as a guideline for this trim instead of getting new photos analyzed.  I don't think it would have made any difference, though.  I sent detailed instruction on taking the post-trim photos, but to me they look like they're from all the wrong angles once again.  And I don't see that the bars, tip of frog or the heels were trimmed as per instructions, but maybe you'll see differently.   Also, difficult for me to tell from the sole shot if the length of the hoof has the correct proportions, as the photo angle looks skewed.  I'd appreciate your opinion, though.  I'm thinking it's time to look for a new farrier.  I'm afraid this one is trying, but just doesn't understand.  What do you think?


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The trim had made a bit of progress with backing the toes but seems to have stalled. Heels are still run forward, toes need to come back even more and there are flares in the walls that would benefit from being beveled to help redirect the shearing forces on impact...The lateral views are taken from a high angle and are hiding the rear of the foot in shadow so makes commenting on it difficult. The mark-ups Linda did are still quite valid. If you would like new ones, would need a few better lateral views posted. 


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