Gastrogard safe for IR / PPIDs?

Kerry Isherwood

Hi group,

My IR/PPID mare is doing very well on 1.5mg Prascend/day.  Insulin is behaving and she feels great under tack.  I am finally starting to believe we may be able to compete again this year.

My current perplexion is regarding her ongoing refusal to eat anything other than ODTB cubes and some ab lib analyzed long-stem hay.  Ever since I tried pergolide tabs in a hollowed out carrot (10/14) she has been disgusted by the very sight of me and will not even eat a ODTB cube out of my hand--however, if I place the same cube on the ground or bucket, she makes no hesitation to consume it.  She won't even take treats from other people.  In her mind, all humans are now out to poison her. 

So the current problem is that I cannot get the recommended flax/Vit E/salt into her.  I've tried every safe carrier possible and all has been refused, even soaked ODTB cubes.  As it is, I'm lucky if I can catch her easily just to syringe the dissolved pergolide once a day.  She did experience the classic "veil" where her appetite severely declined even for hay but returned reliably within two days after each perg bump up.  This ongoing fussiness is not veil-associated, her dose is appropriate, and she has not had a dose increase in several months.

I'm wondering if a course of GastroGard is permissible for an IR/PPID, now that she's relatively stable.  I'd like to rule-out ulcers and then try maintaining on APF, which I have not used before. This is not a horse that I would consider ever be predisposed to ulcers, as she's mellow to the extreme and doesn't get ruffled over antything, but b/c much is unknown about pergolide as well as this very atypical anorexia for her I'd like to rule ulcers out. 

(Interestingly, Pinky was seen by a DVM chiro/acu specialist this week (first time he'd worked on her) and without knowing anything about her diet, mentioned that she seems to be having issues with her digestion--now, don't get me wrong, I'm the last one to be swept away be hocus-pocus shakras and blocked qi but the coincidence was startling). 

My CH is not up to date but her current diet is:

15-lbs ODTB cubes/day
free choice 5%ESC+starch grass hay
strict dry-lot
moderate exercise 5days/week (30mins/day jumping, fitness work, hills, free-longeing)
Prascend 1.5mg/day via dose syringe
body condition ~6 but just starting to leg up

Obviously I can give electrolyte paste after working (for salt) and its easy enough to give liquid Vit E via syringe but I'm more concerned as to why the inappetance for safe foods she's previously loved (Chaffhaye, Alfa-lox, alfalfa pellets & cubes, etc), if there's any anecdotal evidence of pergolide causing ulcers, and is GastroGard considered safe for stable IR/PPID animals. 

I realize this situation isn't really a 'problem' considering what others are going through, but any advice is greatly appreciated. 


Kerry in NY
Pinky Sept 2014
Tofurky Nov 2014

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