Alfalfa Hay/Gleeming Coats with Dapples

Larks Tabatha

Hello... My friend, with a Cushings horse, just emailed me the following after talking with a new acquaintance that she felt was a knowledgeable horse person:   "I didn't realize that the new research has
decided that insulin resistant horses should have alfalfa, rather than grass hay.  She said the same goes for Cushings...." 
I am hoping you all will help me respond to her comments.  I did read Dr. Kellon's article in the files about the high glucose content in Alfalfa hay.

On another subject, I am also curious if this group would consider it a good thing for an IR horse to have a super shiny coat with dapples.  Does this indicate that their diet is well balanced and that they are in good health... or not necessarily?

Thanks very much,

Sally in N. AZ

April 2013

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