AAKG experiences & Hyaluronic Acid question

Stephanie Stout

Hello All,

I have 2 questions, so hopefully it's okay to ask them both on the same message. 

1) I've been looking into AAKG. I saw Dr. Kellon's file on it, and looked at previous messages too as I'm trying to learn about it. Is it ideal to combine it with J-herb? Does anyone have any experiences to share about it(does it help foot comfort?)? Just confirming - AAKG is safe to combine with J-herb to feed at the same time?

2) I am confirming that pure H/A (from mybesthorse.com) is safe for an IR/PPID horse on J-herb, and possibly AAKG? Can I put the H/A powder on r/s/r beet pulp and feed it that way? 

Thanks all! 

Stephanie & King


Oct 2014

(CH is currently lost in space)


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