Re: Teshan


Hi Nancy,

 Are you saying that she has been insulin resistant since she was 3 years old? Im not saying your wrong, but I want to understand you. 

 I will never believe the nuances of my girls stubborn personality all come down to chemical imbalances. Her own personality has to count for something. I do believe she may have a similar sensitivity to changes in grass particularly high oxalates as Zayfir does, and in times of imbalance it has made her worse, and I am also ready to believe that her problems with IR were going on long before any one noticed. However there are plenty of other horses in similar situations that dont choose to take revenge on their owners..

 She was hard to catch today. To me that means shes feeling well and feeling like herself. It comforts me when shes the same old mad Teshan Ive always known. 

Western Sydney NSW Australia
Teshan 3/2/2015 (photo link) (CH link)

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