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Kerry Isherwood

I concur 110% w Paula's post: my Saddlebred was in a slaughter auction as a 3yo bc he was dangerous and unrideable. Its taken me four years to figure out that he is IR and the insulin spikes make him crazed, frantic, and, yes, dangerous. It never occurred to me to check his insulin bc he has always been lean, light, and svelte; not an ounce of fat on him. On a bad day he would run over you by spooking/bolting, kick out of frustration, panic/break crossties, etc, and is truly unrideable(bucks/rears/overstimulated). Now that he'd off pasture and on a strict diet, he is a different horse, the one i knew was in there deep down that i had met on occasion when everyone else told me to "send him back to the meat auction." Four frustrating years wasted and an unhappy, unwell horse has now been rectified. This horse hated people and couldnt tolerate work. Now he whinnies for me to come "play" and we ride for hours on the trails. He is a true rescue if ever there was one!

IR can make a horse feel really really crappy and can completely change its personality.

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