Haylage question


Before I waste more time considering a possibly not suitable option, I want to ask here. :)

We're feeding three mules, one of them IR, and a Mammoth donkey. Until now we have fed free choice hay out of a hay feeder, which contains a round bale of hay (under 10% s/s) covered with the net.

Now we have had problems on and off for years, because it is next to impossible to provide virtually dustfree hay here, due to weather/ humidity conditions. One of our girls now has developed a cough because of that. The IR john mule also is susceptible to that but doesn't cough so far.

I am now considering haylage as an option. We would be able to feed big round bales as we do now out of the hay feeder covered with net. 

Are there any problems considering haylage and IR? Any reason to rule it out?

Thank you!

Jennifer in Germany

Laramie July 2011

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