Re: Just read "Reproductive Abnormalities in Mares with diet resistant Insuline Resistance from 2013 No Laminitis proceedings!

Kerry Isherwood


You did nothing wrong. To end an animal's suffering is an enormously selfless act of kindness. You took on her pain so she could finally find relief. Please dont blame yourself; you let your sweet mare find peace. Reading your post this morning jolted me awake, because i have a mare similar to yours and i knew nothing about the study. Thanks directly to your post, im now aware of yet another trigger of laminitis for my mare. This group is undoubtedly the vanguard of uncovering the mysteries of why laminitis strikes. We are still young. One day in the future the experiences & knowledge gathered here will be in textbooks worldwide. As a veterinary professional, I have no doubt on this.

Your mare did not die in vain. You did everything you possibly could given the research at this time. So much is still unknown. Her legacy is being part of a growing group that is working non-stop to prevent the awful pain of laminitis for all horses now and for generations to come.

I cant imagine the pain you are feeling, but i wanted you to know that your mare's story prompted me to learn all i can find about mares and spring laminitis. I will always think of your mare when i direct clients to the research about it

With utmost sympathy,
Lic Vet Tech, Emergency/Critical Care Specialist,
New York

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