NOW: Previcox. Was: Laminitis xrays today, long term pain mgmt needed.

Kerry Isherwood

Thx Lavinia,

Re: Previcox this point im not inclined to add Previcox to Pinky's regimen as shes going SO well. The new vet and I have been conversing via email and that dose was discussed arbitrarily bc 1) pinky is part draft; 2) I have ready access to sm animal prev at our hosp (57mg is an easy RTU tablet). I didnt even know there was an equine version ;)

Its kinda a funny story: i was inquiring at a new local barn abt which eventing trainers were currently in residence and turns out the barn owner is the vet who answered my email, whom i've crossed paths with over the last 20 years, and who now events himself at a pretty high level. Thats what started the lengthy discussion about PPID, as i said I'd likely be able to do the spring & summer events but fall is up in the air bc of her IR/PPID. i asked very specific questions, he offered surprisingly UTD advice (he must've known he was being 'vetted') so i asked if he would take a look at my mare when i came over for a lesson. Im guessing once he sees Pinky in the flesh(14.2), the Prev dose would likely be reduced. However, just as Pinky is highly suspicious of new things, im a bit suspicious of adding Prev at this point bc, well, if it aint broke, ya know?

As always, thanks for the info on previcox and the Gastrogard. Pinky actually ate one white TicTac two days ago, then refused all; then took a mint yesterday. I almost fainted there in the barn aisle. Its the first time in months she's shown the slightest interest in being anywhere near The One Who Tortures With Pink Pergolide. Ive seriously got to look into the spring mare issues bc now im less inclined to think ulcers and perhaps instead she just endured a rough Feb/Mar. My god the learning never ends.

Thanks so much,
Kerry in NY
Pinky Sept 2014
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