Re: Cory's new discouraging numbers

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Hi Nancy and Lavinia-- Thank you so much for the encouragement. I really needed it. Nancy, please don't think I am giving up on Cory. It would be impossible to do with him still so engaged in life. He calls to me from his paddock every time he hears me come out the door and starts calling as soon as he hears my car on the driveway. He is still keeping the barn kitties and chickens in line and keeps a sharp, jealous eye on the deer who romp through his previous pasture. (Incidentally, he also tested negative for Lyme.)

But I have wondered if I need to stop expecting him to ever be sound. The increase in ACTH was a shock-- I didn't know that could happen after the rise.

So Lavinia, thank you for sharing your experiences with Dante. And I did need a reminder that many people here have checked in with far higher numbers. You asked when the blood was drawn in relation to the last dose of perg. He got the perg at 7 P.M. and the blood was drawn about 10 A.M. That is about the usual interval of previous blood draws.

Thanks also, Lavinia, for the wonderful markups. Yes, I did rasp Cory's right heel after the x-rays. I wanted to take advantage of the nerve blocking that was done. But as usual, I don't think I made much of a dint in it, so this time that is good. After comparing the sole shot and the xray, I had already decided I had come too far forward and shouldn't work on it any farther forward that the central sulcus.

But I will concentrate on the toes for now. I am glad to hear you say some of the wedge can be removed. I will try not to go crazy. (You know I won't, I will instead probably move too slowly.)

The hinds- Yes, they are under-run now. Is this from Cory keeping most of his weight on them for so long? The last time I trimmed him I didn't touch the heels, so pat myself on the back. I didn't upload pictures of them, because I didn't want to overload you, but sometime in the future I will.

I have printed out your mark-up comments and will take them to the barn with me every time I trim. Yes, and like Lorna said, I learn from all of the other mark-ups you do.

Deb and Cory in NC
July 2012

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