Please help me find this article!

Kerry Isherwood

A snippet from a mod from a recent post:

....."Have a read on our website of the free pdf from the 2013 No Laminitis Conference, Dr. Kellon's presentation on mares with diet-resistant IR..."

I've looked everywhere and cant find the above. Would someone kindly direct me?

My mare, who has been doing so, so well thru winter, was the tiniest--almost infinitesimal--bit reluctant walking downhill yesterday. It may be bc it was the first warm day (near 60F), or bc shes due for a trim, but it was just enough to jolt me back to the research dept (interestingly, my other IR horse, an 8yo gelding, was the tiniest bit funky as well--horses were ridden together, by my trainer & I) so Im wondering if there was an environmental trigger to a possible insulin spike--the rather sudden warm weather? There were no other diet/husbandry changes or stressors. Im drawing blood this weekend to send out Monday morn just to check.

In the meantime, will someone kindly direct me to the article referenced above?

Thanks so much,
Kerry in NY
Pinky Sept 2014
Tofurky Nov 2014

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