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Hi all, I would humbly like to add another thing to consider when
this tough decision. Please do not forget the emotional well-being
your beloved friend during this time. I know that my old Cushings
gets stressed pretty easily by changes to her environment and I
think a trip to a Vet. college might be pretty stressful. I wouldn't
want to do this to her.

Excellent point, and one i have thought of. Again, Star is not my
horse any more, just one I used to own and still own her daughter.
Star has travelled literally all over the country in her career as a
Civil War reenactment horse, so I doubt the trip would bother her as
long as she is not too weak.

Again, thank you all so much for your comments.

Martha in NM

ps. the road through Lincoln and Capitan is *much* improved over the
past few years. Only a couple of bad stretches. But yes, for a major
east-west state highway, it was pitiful!

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