Re: Another crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Shari Starr

Lisa, I send you hugs in your grief of the passing of your beautiful Miami & Smokey to spirit. I lost my heart horse, Snickers, 2 years ago this coming June. I had only just 2 weeks prior to his passing found & joined the ECIR but  had been following most of the protocols for caring for a cushing's diagnosed horse that are practiced here. The journey has been hard, very hard but I'm coming out of the raw grief & now can mostly think of my love Snickers & smile instead of cry. If you want a group of lovely people to walk beside you in this grief pleaase come find us at th yahoo equine grief support group Hoofbeats In Heaven. I'll light 2 candles in honor of your loves, gone ahead, Miami & Smokey. Hugs to you Lisa. Shari, Angel Snickers mom


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