Re: New Case History and Cornell Results---Please Advise

Tina Hughes

Hi Maggie,

Thanks so much for getting back with me. Neo is giving me some guff---so, I'll be brief.

As far as symptoms---periodic udder enlargement (not often and slight---nothing like it was pre-2013)---she's very sensitive to touch (can't recall if that is indicative of PPID,or not)---and has always been a voracious eater.

I have not tested for iron overload and tick borne diseases.  My thought is that if I tested (tick borne) it would need to be on an annual basis as the population here is considerable and the chances of reinfection likely.  I've been round and round on this one---if you have any thoughts, please pass them along.

The dry lot is a true dry lot---compacted gravel base etc... I do believe she has lost weight since her move on to it---will confirm later today.  I haven't had anyone go over my balancing numbers but definitely will as I know just enough, at this point, to get us into trouble.

The lameness issues I mentioned were not related to her feet---pastern and hock stuff.  She has awesome feet and is trimmed regularly.  I do think it would be interesting to submit photos, at some point, to see if we can tighten the trim, though.

I haven't discussed pergolide with our vet yet.  I just received the results yesterday and wasn't sure how to interpret the range.  Does one treat PPID based on ACTH values alone, or do you treat based on symptoms in conjunction with the ACTH value?  I do not have any resistance or hesitation to start her on pergolide---I just need to be prepared to have that discussion with my vet.

Thanks again for all, Maggie.

Tina and Honey
Santa Rosa, CA
Aug. 2013



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