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ferne fedeli

I give my Icelandic his Pergolide in a hole cut in a slice of carrot and then about 3 broken ODTB cubes and he gobbles it all up!  He loves the cubes too.  I give him the broken ones as a treat often.
Ferne Fedeli
No. California

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I just started (Paula's) Cory on the J-herb.  After he blew it out of my hand (I didn't think to moisten it and it is still cold some mornings and I am done with cold hands...), I started putting a measured pinch of the J-herb in his mouth and then offer a balanced hay cube as a chaser. He's cooperative, so this is easy, and he will do anything for an ODTBC...

Paula with Cory (IR) and Onyx (IR) in Bucks County, PA, USA

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I mix my J-herb with Coca Soya oil from Uckele to form small balls.  I feed the ball along with a few hay pellets, and it's eaten right out of my hand.

Carol B.

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August 2008

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