Time to worm for tapes..

lj friedman

Jesse is soon due for a worming for tapes.  He gets ivermectin,, each month and 2x a year I worm for tapes. , per Dr.Kellons suggestions because of his age and  compromised immune system and ppid ir, etc.  . Dr. Kellons suggests  2  double doses of pryantel paomate ,2 weeks apart instead of equimax..  I was going to just use one dose of equimax. because I'm lazy. How bad would it be to give equimax to a severe IR horse 24 yrs old with cushings?I already bought it.. no big deal as well.   Upon re thinking this.. doing 2 double doses isnt such a big deal.. wondering what others are doing. I've noticed no  negative issues with his current wormings. .On a brighter note. I started Jesse on prevacox today. Looking forward to see an improvement in his energy etc. with a goal to move from once a day prevacox, small dose to perhaps every other day or mwf,. etc as half life is 36 hours so once a day doesnt seem to be best practice.Farrier did a trim today.. very nice.  I think Jesse is lucky.. decent feet , tight diet well balanced.( thanks to the group) and no evidence of any laminitis, since Ive had him for the past year. 

lj friedman san diego nov 2014



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