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I just need some help, with a RUG question please... I am heading to town and if I need to rug him, it's my best chance for a couple of weeks to get any rugs... He is a mini, and we think he is about 15... But I need some help to work out what is normal for an ECIR pony re: rugs.

Hi Liz and welcome to the group. Sounds like your on the ball with everything so well done.  A case history will be great as soon as you get a chance. If you need help with it let me know.

Here’s a link to it again just in case you need it


Can you give me a better idea of whereabouts in Central QLD you are- Rocky/Bundy area? This will help me work out your weather pattern.


Some PPID horses have trouble thermoregulating- so can’t adjust their body temperature in accordance to what is required. Do you know if the pony was rugged previously? Has he got a thick shaggy coat or has he been clipped- these all factor in the management plan. However, I think if you got a light lined canvas or even an unlined canvas with a cotton rug underneath that should cover your basis. That way you've got a bit of room to play around depending on the weather, I think that your days are still quite mild, but your nights are getting cool? Plus he has shelter, which is a bonus. If he was in good shape I’d almost be inclined to say not to worry about it, but if he doing poorly- then it will help. Making sure he’s got access to hay 24/7 will also help keep him warm.


If you do go with the rugs, just check at different times of the day as to whether he’s sweating or not. Or you just may need to use them at night.  A lot of horses, PPID or not do well without being rugged – but I’ll confess to being a bit of a rug fiend (think Imelda Marcos and her shoes) In the USA, they even have horses in the snow that do well without rugs, but do have shelter… brrrrr


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