Seasonal variations dopamine, cortisol and serotonin

beverly meyer

I found this study extremely interesting, but it doesn't match "seasonal rise" as I understand it.

Blood samples from March, June, September and December were compared for a Cushings group and a Control group.


Cortisol was the same in both groups, except higher in June in the Cushings group

Dopamine was the same in March and December in both groups, but notably lower in Cushings group in June and September.

Serotonin was erratic in both groups, but lower in Cushings group in June.

Both groups had similar melatonin patterns.

So JUNE was the peak month for high Cortisol and the low month for Serotonin. Dopamine was low in June and December.  June gets the worst marks all around, not September.

Can Dr. Kellon comment?  I understood PPID was an issue late summer, fall and early winter, but not high summer (June).

Also, have we discussed management support of low Serotonin, or does pergolide theoretically manage that?


Beverly 6/14

Beverly Texas

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