Re: Considering getting my mare tested - some questions


Thank you!

My initial thoughts were the nutrition in the grass/hay down here vs. Minnesota...but I want to make sure I cover my bases and don't overlook something like IR and pay for it with something more serious than a few extra pounds.

She has been slowly putting weight on...I've increased her grain some, but didn't want to make a huge jump (as she's already getting more than she's ever had in her life!) Another mare has only been here a few weeks and has really "fattened up" on the grass, but mine just hasn't.

She does have a cresty neck, but that's her breeding, too (both mom and dad had big necks - Friesian and Mustang). No fat pads or anything else, really.

Again, thanks for your input. She's having her teeth checked on Friday (as she does every spring and fall).

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