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Have you tried APF?  For Fionn it helps any time he seems kinda blah.  So it’s not just for the Pergolide Veil, at least in my experience.  I know it is way expensive so I kept trying to go off of it, but every time I did he got all blah again.  So I’ve just given in and kept him on it.  Sometimes I raise the dosage if he’s feeling down.  It always seems to help him.  Of course, every horse is different.

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New barn for Jesse, ( past 3 weeks) BO thinks hes not as up as he should be.. she has no reference but is comparing to other horses.  Are there herbs to elevate mood for our cushings/severe ir horses.  If acth is 43 , and normal is up to 35, would that be a factor to less than hoped for mood?  lj friedman san diego nov 2014I I will be retesting in next week and might bump up pergolide a bit to account for seasonal rise time. 

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