Re: Mov-ease

Lynne Nagahara <kenlynnenagaha@...>

I have had my mare on Mov-ease for about 3 weeks now.  I am not seeing much of a difference.  The difficult part is the suggested feeding of mov-ease 20 minutes prior to their meal for best results.  I did it by syringe and liquid for the loading doses twice a day, 20 minutes prior to her meal, but really don't want to be coming at her with the syringe every day. It was hard enough going down there seeing her hoping to be fed, only to get something syringed into her mouth and then I walk away for 20 minutes!!  Was hard on me too!  So have been mixing it in her supplements, which is probably considered part of the "meal".  Thus I might not be getting the results I would like to see.  I did try emailing the company to find out if there was a better way to give this to my mare.  But never heard back.  Will be looking forward to seeing comments from your email!

Lynne & Dani
Paso Robles, CA  2009

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