Re: Pituitary tumors and question for Dr. Kellon

Kerry Isherwood

Interesting re: if genetic.  I still can't get my head around the entire HYPP population tracing back to Impressive.  That discovery happened when I was a little kid and the idea that this beautiful, gleaming halter stallion was the reason for so much disease was, and is, staggering to me. 

But for PPID:  are there certain breeds over-represented?  And certain lines in these breeds?  My PPID is a grade PMU mare from Canada.

Is the cause hubandry?  Pharmaceuticals used throughout a horse's life?  Fly sprays?  Vaccines?
Certain feedstuffs?  Or lack of anti-oxidants? 
Or is it just the "old age cancer" that each species tends to have over-represented in their geriatric populations (dogs = hepatic/splenic hemangiosarcoma; cats = GI lymphoma; horses = benign pituitary cancer)?

Interesting stuff.  Wouldn't it be cool if our generation witnessed the arrival of the answer?


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