Re: Considering getting my mare tested - some questions


Thank you! I have looked over that site. I am assuming my vet did not prefer the blood draw, as insulin can give a normal reading while the horse is actually IR (as it states there). But from what I'm reading, it's the leptin draw that you rely on to pinpoint IR or not IR?

I am a little confused on the blood draw information - is this just one blood draw non-fasting?

She is fed hay right away in the morning (after not having any overnight) and turned out onto pasture between 7 and 8am. Should the blood draw be four hours after her AM hay?

I have read up on the karo syrup method and it says that it's safe and out of all of the studies they've conducted they haven't had issues. I haven't  read the actual papers as of yet, but it sounded like the vets who promoted this method and felt it was more accurate do not feel it imposes any risk of significance.



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