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michelle H


I suspected something was wrong with My Rocky Mountain gelding. He has a round belly and a slight cresty neck- he's 5 yrs old. I have tried everything that everyone else told me to do- wasn't bringing down his weight.  I have limited his pasture- he spends most time in in dry lot.  He is on a ration balancer (called Essential K) and quiessence.    No lameness that I can tell and farriers rave about his feet.  I had my vet run glucose- insulin and leptin and just got results back today.  He is IR based upon the results below.  Should I be testing him for Cushings or anything else?  The fur on his sides seem a bit frizzy so I don't know if its from fly spray or getting singed in sun from flyspray  or something else?

Glucose 92 mg/dl

Insulin 34.4 uiU/ml

Leptin 9.86 ng/ml

Did I mention that this is my first horse ever.  My head is spinning with the results and I'm overwhelmed right now. 

 I'm going to buy beet pulp within the next 2 hours.  All we have is fescue hay right now.  I need to order my spring hay.  Can he continue to eat this type of hay?  What kind of minerals, herbs, vitamins should he be getting and how much?  How many times per day should I feed him?  How much beet pulp? I just printed the emergency diet.

What other questions should I be asking?  Please help.

Thank you,

Michelle in Waxhaw, NC

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