Re: depression and ppid

Kathy Brinkerhoff

Hi Lj,

How many hours a day does Jesse spend in his stall?  Does he have a paddock attached to his stall so he can roam about?  Is there the opportunity for him to be turned out with another horse in a dry paddock or with a grazing muzzle for a few hours per day?  I am wondering if he isn't either a bit bored so he seems shut down and/or perhaps is craving some horse interaction.  Did you consider getting him the Nose - It Ball or something similar filled with pellets  for him to "play" with at night since he can not eat hay?  

It took my horses longer than 3 weeks to adjust to their living situation when I moved them home from their boarding situation.....If he was more animated before the move than maybe he needs more time to settle in.........not sure what the BO is looking for or observing.....maybe more specific observations from her would be helpful.    

Kathy Brinkerhoff

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