Re: Pituitary tumors and question for Dr. Kellon


"PPID is a disease of aging. There is not data available on the number of feral horses with pituitary changes but since the average life expectancy is only about 18 years, there probably is not as much and they might not even be symptomatic before they die for other reasons. "

Dr Kellon, this statement shocked me  Why the short life expentancy?  Is it due to BLM interference and civilization encroachment?  My experience when I lived in Nevada was that those who where not interfered with lived into late 20's or 30.  Isn't there 30 years of tooth in the skull?  

Am I on the wrong forum to discuss this issue?  I would be happy to move the conversation to a different group if need be, but I am really interested in where the 18 year number comes from. 

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