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Hi Lj,
I agree with Kerry and trying activities with Jesse.  Perhaps his years as a working hunter jumper were "all business" and he's not familiar with the idea of people as friends.  We had a little QH who had been a working ranch horse who had "shut down"  in response to rough handling. (not to say that Jesse was mishandled), after being here for a while, and doing some fun activities,  he opened up and had the cutest personality.  And Chappie and I developed an even stronger bond during the year of handwalking while his hooves were growing out from laminitis.  We'd chat with the neighbor cow/calf herd, explore different fields, etc.  I always had one of his treats, peanut in the shell, celery, and if we got somewhere kind of "scary" he'd get the treat while we investigated. (And now we have the low s/s treats from Stabul 1)

Laura K. Chappie & Beau
N.IL. 2011

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. I think Jesse has always been stoic. after all those years as a hunter jumper.. When I first met him over 1.5 yrs ago, he would just hang in the corner of his stall and look sad.. At least now.. he makes plenty of noise when I approach.. ie food lol.. he is 24.. so no change from the horse I know.. a bit more animation could never hurt.. I will consider a walk around the area.


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