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Thank you to everyone for all the jherb and Move-Ease input.

Regarding the  protocol for administering jherb and Mov-Ease:  I  understand that both are supposed to be fed in a "small amount of feed"  on an empty stomach 20 minutes before the horse's other feed.

Hi Sara,


Whilst it’s desirable to administer J herb & ME as recommended, sometimes it’s not always possible. That’s life.  I used to make up the J in a syringe diluted with a bit of water and syringe it directly into the horses’ mouth, before going back and mixing up feeds. That gave me maybe 15 mins in between. Syringing was never an issue because they love J and looked upon it as a treat. Their stomachs were never truly empty as they had hay 24/7. By monitoring their gum colour and general demeanor, I was confident that they were getting the correct dose. The same goes for ME- though that was never considered a treat!  I had one on J herb and one on ME. Thankfully, my guys have always been good with syringing.  Alternatively, you can add J herb to the main feed; you just need to up the dose by 50%. Continue to monitor gum colour until you feel that you have reached the correct dose. I will assume that the same can be done with ME, but stand to be corrected.  If you can only dose once a day, so be it, but no need to give a stronger dose. As far as using a carrier, there’s no set weight, it’s usually as little as you can get away with the disguise what supplements you need to give.


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