Increase prascend now? or wait

lj friedman

I tired to post this message. not sure if it went thru .. With Jesse's discomfort possibly coming from acth not being properly controlled, I'm thinking of a treatment plan change.. Hoping Dr. Kellon can weigh in,

Current plan.  re-test acth for second time in the next week and increase prascend to 1.5 mg if levels arent in low to mid 20's, then re-test again in August..  ( march 03, 2015 ACTH cornell 40.7  ref 9-35.)

New thought:  Increase to 1.5mg prascend immediately. and look for signs of improvement..  and then retest at a later time?  not sure when exactly  I should re-test if I change treatment  plan to this?  

thanks  lj friedman san diego nov 2014


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