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Thanks Pauline and Spur, happy to meet you!  

>Is Fargo experiencing any pergolide veil? 

Not that I can tell.  He's only been with me a few days.  He's been on 1 mg Prascend since September with no retesting done.  His energy is good, appetite good, coat and skin condition not so good. Topline and belly could do with improvement.  I have a call in to my vet to ask her whether we should retest for ACTH levels or increase meds and then retest.  I'll also be switching him from Prascend to a compounded pergolide dose from Wedgewood Pharmacy.

>Sounds like your hay has already been tested as low ESC/Starch, has the mineral mix you’re feeding been >balanced specifically to this hay or are you using a “best guess” mix? 

Our nutritionist interprets the hay results and then custom blends the vitamin, mineral and energy blends to match the 'holes' in the hay.

>I noticed in your case history that he was on 24 x 7 plain salt or free choice minerals. This doesn't sound like a balanced approach, so may be best to resort to the emergency diet you were sent when you joined.

I'll have another look at the emergency diet and will look in to how I can accomplish that type of feeding in the short term.  His diagnosis was back in August 2014.  He's just joined a track with 8 other horses.  Up until now, he's not had 24x7 access to salt or anything else.  Was fed untested hay 2xday.  I'd have to keep him in a small intro pen in order to keep him away from the free choice salt. I think this would increase his stress level so I'll have to consider that in the balance, too.   He gets 4 oz flax daily, and E and magnesium in his beet pulp based energy and vitamin blends. I'll check on the levels of those and supplement accordingly.

Thanks again for your help, it is much appreciated.

Patti and Fargo

Madison, Wisconsin | April 2015


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