Re: Equishure Hindgut Buffer

Nancy C

Hi Jody

This may come through twice. If so I apologize.

What you are hearing is based on the theory "Fructan causes laminitis from acidosis in the hind gut".

Fructan is not the issue with our horses.  The issue  for our metabolic horses, indeed 880-90 percent of all laminitis cases, is sugar and starch digested in the stomach causing a glycemic response, primary a rise in insulin.

You can read more here.


I know ulcers aren't your issue, Jody but for others reading, there is a good article by Dr Kellon on hind gut issues and acidosis in the FILES section.

Using the closed muzzle is the best idea.

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003
FACT: Analysis by the ECIR Group of the seasonal pattern of laminitis cases and the naturally occurring levels of fructan in grasses, has shown Fructan to be highly unlikely as the cause for laminitis. See  E. M. Kellon, VMD, The Internet as an Epidemiological Tool, 2013 NO Laminitis! Proceedings, Equine Cushing's and Insulin Resistance Group Inc.


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