Which Tests for Monty

Suzanne Mansolilli

I'd like to re-test Monty's ACTH, now that it's spring since his last 2 tests were in Aug and Dec of 2014. 

August 2014:

ACTH 461 pg/mL        (normal range 9-35)

Gulcose 88                 (normal 71-113)

Insulin 60.14 uIU/mL  (normal 10-40)

Leptin 8.97 ng/mL       (normal 1-4)

Dec 2014 on 2mg Prascend:

ACTH 32.5 pg/mL


I will also be testing for Glucose/Insulin/Leptin, since although he did drop about 80 lbs and is perkier since he started Prascend, he still has a big crest, some small fat pads around the tail head and always has a slightly runny nose.  I'd like the group's opinion if I should include any other tests during the vet visit.  

I remember reading posts that suggest iron overload can drive IR symptoms and I also never included selenium or iodine in hay analysis.  Should I be looking at these?

 Because of the difficulties of managing my boy from a distance, I discovered on my return that the BO had  been letting him go about 8-9 hr at night without anything until breakfast all winter.  I've revised the meals to hopefully lessen that time to about 6-7 hr.  Also will find out today if he's been getting his salt. 

Suggestions anyone?  Do I get other tests?


SuzanneM & Monty

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