Re: How to analyze diet for Cushings/IR/laminitic pony


I'm somewhat new to this myself, but I see a few things.   TC Safe Starch is a complete balanced chopped forage in a bag, you shouldn't need to add a vit/min supplement to it; probably just the recommended flax and vit E (not sure of amounts for a horse of his size, but my 350# mini gets an ounce of flax and 800IU of Vit E in capsules).    The beet pulp doesn't have to be balanced since it is under 1# (I know upto a #1 for a full-size horse doesn't have to be balanced, I give my mini 1/3#; your 2 cups should only be about 2/3#, probably less since they are shreds).   Remission has magnesium in it, so that and the liquid Mg might be way more than he needs.    The TC Safe Starch has 6% fat in it, which can be too much fat for metabolic horses, especially IR horses. 

The Stabul 1 from Anderson feeds is a safe feed for our metabolic furry family, I have no idea where it might be available in FL, but know it can be special ordered through Tractor Supply (usually a 10 bag minimum order, you can get a taste test sample from the company).  7550 Stabul   Mine likes the banana flavor (I use the crumbles to get his meds in him, if it were readily available to me, I'd probably use it for his main feed).


Thinking they might be hard to find in FL, but the Ontario Dehy Timothy Balance cubes are a safe feed and can be fed as a complete feed (just add vit E and Flax).   They are supposed to be available to Triple Crown dealers, but my regional warehouse won't stock them, since they have the TC Safe Starch forage; so I'm going to say that not all TC dealers will be able to get them; but perhaps if there is enough demand where you are, they might.  They are a cube, but many are able to feed them dry or barely dampened; but some bags have rather hard cubes, so likely have to be soaked.

Can't think of anything else.


 MT 9/04

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