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Hi all,

I just had a blood draw on Monday.  All results are in except for Leptin.  The test was sent to Cornell.  Can one of the experts please have a look and advise me.  Shalimar's glucose and insulin are SKY HIGH!  I put the numbers to the IR Calculator.  He has not hardly been getting any exercise at this possibly the reason?  He was diagnosed with Cushing's last June.  He has been IR for about 5 years.  He is on a relatively balanced the degree that he will eat his supplements.  Some days he does a good job, other days he does a lousy job.  I have a case history but I don't know how to attach to this but I think it was echistory 5 group (or maybe 3). I last updated it about one year ago and will do it again once I make some sense out of what is happening NOW!  :(

G:I Ratio is 1.57

RISQI = .10

MIRG = 0.01

SEVERE IR, high laminitis risk

(incidentally we just rode this afternoon and he was SO full of energy - trotting and a few bucks and a full out gallop for a minute before I reeled him in! :)  

Insulin = 101.63 uIU/mL     Reference Interval 10 - 40

Glucose = 160 (H) mg/dl    Reference Interval  71-113

T4 = 1.05 ug/dL                  Reference Interval   1-3

ACTH endogenous  20.0 pg/mL  Reference Interval 9-35

Lipemia = 2

Hemolysis = 8 

Icterus = 1

Awaiting Leptin Results.........

He is on 3mg Pergolide compound. 

I've been on the group for about 4 years.....but could really use some help interpreting the results as far as what is going on and most importantly ....WHAT to do next?  


you guys are awesome and I'm so grateful for this group!

Denise Peterson

Shalimar - MN


This group - autumn of 2010

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